My colleague always says to me before going on a holiday adventure “Don’t come back broken”.

I have a reputation for having accidents or falling over when I travel and my trip to Abisco in Sweden was no exception. Dog mushing along a frozen lake, the route smooth and straight, I lost my balance and fell off the sled. And captured it all on my GoPro…

During the briefing, we were told that whatever happens, we must never lose a grip on the sled. We were told that if we fall off the dogs will run. And keep on running, and we would have to walk back. I managed to maintain a hold on the sled and our guide ran back to secure the sled and the dogs. I was both embarrassed and terrified and did not wish to continue. We were in the middle of an enormous frozen lake and there was no other way out but to get back on the sled and mush the dogs.

So upwards and onwards I went.

And so grateful that I did. The rest of the journey was mesmerisingly beautiful – riding through a dense forest with snow-laden trees. It was exhilarating, as I built my confidence, driving at speed up and down hills and around corners.

Never give up and stay on the path!

Forever Free

Falling Over

Of course – I had to fall off – on the flat and straight bit and going so slowly.

Posted by Lois Wagner on Saturday, 15 February 2014

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