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I inspire people to make a difference in their lives and to achieve their personal best. With my vast amount of business and life experience – I make coaching, consulting, and training real as well as fun and memorable. I encourage life-long learning and development.

A curious adventurer, I am constantly seeking new challenges and experiences. True to myself, I am a free spirit, questioning, searching and discovering new ideas, places and cultures. Fearless and larger than life, I boldly and bravely share my stories, revealing my vulnerability.

I am a Conversational Intelligence® Coach, an Executive and Business Coach, a Leadership Development and HR Consultant and a Training Facilitator who is qualified in Marketing, Occupation-Directed Education, Training and Development Practice, and Executive Coaching. I am a South African Business woman with extensive Human Resource, Training, Business, Management, Project Management, Marketing, Sales, Retailing, Consulting and Corporate and Leadership Coaching experience.

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Artwork of Lois Wagner by Lizz Huesmann

Artwork by Lizz Huesmann

My Story – how I got from Fear to Forgiveness to Freedom

Over 20 years ago – working late one night in my small printing business – I was brutally attacked, raped and left for dead. I survived. Not only did I become a statistic – every 40 seconds a woman in South Africa is raped. I also became the victim of betrayal by my business partner.

I no longer wanted to work in that place of blood splattered ugly memories. My business partner, instead of buying me out as agreed, liquidated the business and I lost everything. My lover wanted nothing to do with me after that – I lost him too.

My response to all of this was – to be strong – to change the law, the constitution – to change the world. People lauded me for being so brave and so strong in my public fight to save the world.

In so doing I denied the reality of my pain and my fear and suffered severe psychosomatic back problems and the inability to do the things I loved most – hiking and scuba diving. In saving the world I forgot to save myself and lived as a victim for all those years. And so finally after years of living in fear and in pain – I forgave…

The rapist. My business partner. My lover. My friends who kept complimenting me on my bravery and strength. And finally the hardest partI forgave myself.

I am walking without skin – exposed and vulnerable. Learn more about my journey.


To help anyone who has suffered a transgression, from harsh words to trauma to violence, to learn how to forgive so that they can become unstuck and realise a full and greater life.

  • We learn how to forgive ourselves for the choices we made
  • We do this by holding talks, webinars, conferences, workshops and retreats and by coaching one-on-one, face to face and via the internet.
  • We encourage survivors of crime or any wrongdoing to share their stories to promote healing
  • We teach methods of moving away from fear and living a full, safe and free life
  • We share our stories and reflect on how we support each other on their highway to healing

So let the journey begin…

Beautifully Bold

In looking to create an image, I decided to use a butterfly which is my symbol. From “Hope for the flowers” an allegorical novel by Trina Paulus.

  • A butterfly is what you are meant to become
  • It flies with beautiful wings and joins the earth to heaven
  • You must be willing to give up being a caterpillar and risk for a butterfly
  • It takes a lot of butterflies to make a world full of flowers

The butterfly is a positive symbol standing for the powers and art of transformation and immortality, and for beauty arising out of apparent death. Flight represents freedom from physical restrictions.

A tree is the embodiment of strength, beauty wisdom and eternal life. It is a symbol of a fresh start on life, positive energy, and a bright future. A tree grows old but its seeds ensure its immortality. A tree is also a symbol of growth and protection. I was told that I am strong and bold and decided that boldness is a characteristic that all woman should embrace.

Artwork by Lizz Huesmann

To be BEAUTIFULLY BOLD is to create your own magical powers to transform your life, take your newfound wings – and fly to personal freedom.

Lizz (my sister Elizabeth Huesmann) designed a magnificent logo of a tree within a butterfly.

The tree (within the butterfly veins) is the embodiment of life. The butterfly is a positive symbol standing for the powers and art of transformation and immortality, and for beauty arising out of apparent death. Boldness has genius, magic and power in it.

I am that butterfly.


I will create my own magical powers to transform my life, take my newfound wings – and fly to personal freedom.

The vision of Walking Without Skin – become Beautifully Bold as you Fly Free from Fear and Fury!

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