From Fear to Forgiveness To Freedom

I will guide you from fear or fury to courage and calm
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 Become Beautifully Bold and Brave

  • Move from victim to survivor to thriver and beyond to freedom after facing a life or business challenge or adversity
  • Transform old hurts and pains into joy and freedom
  • Trade sadness, anger, and resentment, for forgiveness and the freedom to enjoy life’s wonderful adventures
  • Let go of the burdens of the past and open up to lighter and more hopeful possibilities

My coaching and stories motivate you to to build your resilience and grit, to energise your mojo, to acquire a growth and benefit mindset, and to achieve your goals.

I help you understand the power of forgiveness and I guide you to forgive yourself and others.

I lost a business and went bankrupt, I was attacked, raped, and left for dead, I was forced into retirement, and experienced many other challenges.

I learned to forgive and developed my mojo, moving on to a more rewarding and fulfilling life.

My keynote talks, presentations, and workshops help communicate, connect, and catapult audiences into action.


SMILE with Lois

 S – Speaker and storyteller (TEDx speaker and published author)
M – Mentor
 I – Inspiring
L – Learning facilitator (Individual and group interactions and immersion workshops)
E – Empowering Coach (Certified Conversational Intelligence© Coach – C-IQ)

Lois – your Friend for Forgiveness

Experience True Joy and Freedom

Experience True Joy and Freedom

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