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Lois Wagner

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The public speaking coach for people who are facing a life or business challenge or adversity and want to develop resilience and grit to thrive. People who want to understand forgiveness to find freedom.

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TEDx Speaker

*Trigger Warning*

Lois shares her story of moving from Fear to Forgiveness to Freedom after a brutal attack and rape.

Watch the TEDx talk here

Forgive the Unforgivable –

From Fear to Forgiveness to Freedom

As someone who has used forgiveness to find freedom from the negative emotions resulting from life’s struggles, Lois helps others fly free.

Lois forgave the man who raped her and left her for dead.

She forgave the business partner who betrayed and left her deep in debt.

Brave coaching class outline

Be BRAVE for Social Justice –

Eradicate Sexual and Gender-based Violence by being B.R.A.V.E.

B Boundaries / Balance  / Bystander

R  Respect / Resilience / Responsibility

A Agreement (Ask) / Authenticity / Alert

V  Values / Vulnerability / Voice

E  Empowerment / Equality /Empathy / EQ

Gender based violence is the second pandemic after COVID-19. It is important that we stop this scourge, this plague on humanity, this pandemic, and come up with ideas and solutions on the way forward.

BRAVE men and women, boys and girls, can make a difference and stop harassment and toxic behaviours.

Mission Mojo –

Mishaps, Mayhem, Mistakes and Misadventure

Restoring your mojo – A humorous look at picking yourself up with resilience after a challenging life experience. A story of madness, from surviving rape in the Cape to falling off dog sleds in Sweden


Pecha Kucha –

Building Personal and Organisational Resilience and Grit  

The A-Z of Building Resilience and Grit

Watch the in-person Pecha Kucha here


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