Lois Wagner

I am a certified Conversational Intelligence® (C-IQ) coach and facilitator and run individual and group coaching interactions and immersion workshops. I am the first person in Oman to qualify in C-IQ with Judith E. Glaser.

Executive, Leadership and Business Coaching

I light your way to success. As a C-IQ & Executive Coach, & Leadership Consultant, I inspire leaders to greatness.

Using Conversational Intelligence®, I inspire leaders to empower their teams with trust and accountability, to unleash their creativity, and to build a bridge to collaboratively co-create and deliver even greater success and results.

Personal, Life and Transformational Coaching

I motivate and guide people to take ownership of their own growth and development and to identify and resolve their own problems making informed decisions. This makes a difference in their lives and enables them to achieve their personal best and find personal fulfillment and happiness.

Conversational Intelligence® is a revolutionary body of work leveraging the power of neuroscience to create profound and lasting transformation for individuals, teams and entire organizational cultures. Combining science and intuition, Conversational Intelligence (C-IQ) aspires to shift our world from I-Centric to WE-Centric and architect Conversational Transformation on a neuro-chemical level. Whether applied to individual leaders and executives, teams or entire organizations, C-IQ is a force for positive transformation such as establishing high levels of trust, triggering growth and innovation, overcoming limiting conversational patterns or gracefully navigating difficult conversations. As a coach Certified in Conversational Intelligence® I have access to the C-IQ Catalyst Tools and technologies and am equipped to facilitate workshops, masterminds and other in-depth sessions utilizing C-IQ tools and frameworks to elevate performance results, shift organizations into Level III Conversational Rituals, create and sustain a healthy organizational culture and much more. Together, we are changing the World one conversation at a time.

What is professional coaching?

The International Federation of Coaches (ICF) defines coaching as partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential, which is particularly important in today’s uncertain and complex environment. Coaches honour the client as the expert in his or her life and work and believe every client is creative, resourceful and whole. Standing on this foundation, the coach’s responsibility is to:

  • Discover, clarify, and align with what the client wants to achieve
  • Encourage client self-discovery
  • Elicit client-generated solutions and strategies
  • Hold the client responsible and accountable

This process helps clients dramatically improve their outlook on work and life, while improving their leadership skills and unlocking their potential.  

Lois Wanger is a member of the International Federation of Coaches (ICF).

Conversational Intelligence® (C-IQ) – Creating a seismic shift in your business

Nine out of Ten Conversations Miss the Mark! 90% of the time the person we are speaking to misses our meaning or intent. (Research: Judith E Glaser) We talk past each other. We talk over each other. We trigger each other. We stop listening. Conversational Intelligence® keeps us connected with others and helps us to successfully navigate our inner and outer realities together. Listening to Connect and Build Trust ™

Conversations are your currency The quality of your conversations determines your success. Efficient conversations are essential to creating a culture of trust, enhancing innovation, and speeding up decision making. CI-Q teaches people to listen to connect, communicate clearly, and have greater impact in their personal and professional lives. Mind Sight – Opening the Third Eye / Ear ™

Why Conversational Intelligence®?

C-IQ was recently listed as one of the top five business trends by Inc. Magazine, and Microsoft has called it one of the most powerful methodologies of the past decade, even of this century. C-IQ enables coaches to bring fresh new conversational approaches to clients seeking to transform cultures, elevate trust in organisations, build world-class leadership teams, and foster higher levels of teamwork and partnering.

Who is Judith E. Glaser?

Judith E. Glaser is the founder and CEO of Benchmark Communications, Inc., and Chairman of the Creating WE Institute. As an organisational anthropologist working with Fortune 40 to Fortune 500 companies, she’s spent more than three decades helping CEOs and their teams to navigate a world of moving targets. Her transformational approach, which uniquely blends coaching, neuroscience, and anthropology, empowers leaders to elevate their Conversational Intelligence (C-IQ), profitability, and with growth as they build healthy, thriving organisations. She has developed a program for certifying coaches, leaders and practitioners in her methodology and research, and there are now people using Conversational Intelligence® in 75 countries.

What is Conversational Intelligence®?

The methodology and its comprehensive tools offer unique insights into conversation’s potential to catalyse change and growth and relationships. It aligns individual, team, and organisational aspirations by teaching people to communicate using the most advanced parts of their brains. Building C-IQ sets us off on a mysterious path of lifelong exploration as we learn to activate the pleasure-inducing neurochemicals that help us successfully navigate life’s most important, and sometimes difficult and challenging conversations.

Conversational Intelligence® and Change

The tools of C-IQ show us to “reset” our neurochemistry, improve health and activate a heightened ability to Co-create with others. We also learn to Down-Regulate behaviours that activate Cortisol (fear hormone) and Up-Regulate behaviours that activate Oxytocin (bonding hormone), thereby moving ourselves and others into trusting, generative, and partnering states of mind. Communicating from a place of co-creation and partnering elevates healthy conversations and reduces fear and uncertainty in a world of rapid change. Neuroscience and Chemicals

How does Conversational Intelligence® work?

Conversations and relationships go hand in hand. Conversational Intelligence uses a transformational methodology that clarifies the conversational dynamics and patterns that are present in all conversations. Based on the newest research in neuroscience, Conversational Intelligence® methodologies can be used to elevate partnering, create healthy cultures, and develop human potential through a combination of coaching and neuroscience to permanently improve the quality of conversations and relationships.

Benefits of Using a Coach

Professional coaching brings many wonderful benefits: fresh perspectives on personal challenges, enhanced decision-making skills, greater interpersonal effectiveness, and increased confidence. And, the list does not end there. Those who undertake coaching also can expect appreciable improvement in productivity, satisfaction with life and work, and the attainment of relevant goals.

Increased Productivity Professional coaching maximizes potential and, therefore, unlocks latent sources of productivity.

Positive People Building the self-confidence of employees to face challenges is critical in meeting organizational demands.

Return on Investment Coaching generates learning and clarity for forward action with a commitment to measurable outcomes. The vast majority of companies (86%) say they at least made their investment back.

Satisfied Clients Virtually all companies and individuals who hire a coach are satisfied.

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