The Rape and Resilience Summit is Over!


But you can get lifetime access to all the Rape and Resilience Recordings

Listen to speakers from around the world and from all walks of life and in all different stages of healing.

Listen as survivors authentically and vulnerably share their own personal journeys on surviving sexual violence and rape.

Speakers – from those who managed their recovery without any support, to those who have started organisations to support others and to make a difference in the world, to those who provide coping and self-defence and preventative tips. 

Listen to support individuals, groups and therapists providing guidance and insight.

These messages of hope, inspiration, comfort and healing will not only help survivors of rape, they will also support other trauma victims.

Listen to stories of courage, bravery and strength.

There are both men and women survivors on the summit.

There are survivors of incest, marital rape, gang rape, attempted murder, and trafficking.

Fascinating stories – stories of survivors who run for days and survivors who climb mountains.

Survivors who make puppets and speakers who write comics.

All in the interest of sharing their suggestions to support victims of rape and sexual abuse and help them to move from victim to survivor and to return to a meaningful life where they can thrive.


Get lifetime access to all the recordings from the Rape and Resilience summit for only $30 (USA dollars)