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Meet Lois Wagner

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S – Speaking and Storytelling

M – Mentoring

I – Inspiring

L – Learning facilitator

E – Empowering using coaching

I lost a business and went bankrupt, I was attacked, raped and left for dead, I was forced into retirement, and experienced many other challenges. 

I have learned to forgive and to move on to a more rewarding and fulfilling life. I have developed my mojo.

A curious adventurer, I am constantly seeking new challenges and experiences. True to myself, I am a free spirit, questioning, searching and discovering new ideas, places and cultures. Fearless and larger than life, I boldly and bravely share my stories, revealing my vulnerability.

I am a curious traveller, survivor, inspirational speaker, executive business coach, leadership consultant and mentor. As a certified Conversational Intelligence® (C-IQ) coach, I facilitate individual and group coaching interactions and immersion workshops using café style and action learning. I inspire you with my storytelling to make a difference in your life and to achieve your personal best.

I am a South African businesswoman with extensive local and international speaking, human resource, training, business management, project management, marketing, consulting, and leadership coaching experience. 

I inspire people to make a difference in their lives and to achieve their personal best. With my vast amount of business and life experience – I make speaking, coaching, consulting, mentoring, and training real as well as fun and memorable.

I encourage life-long learning and development.

My presentations help communicate, connect and catapult audiences into action. My stories motivate you to develop a growth mindset, to build your resilience and grit, to energise your mojo, and achieve your goals.

 I help you understand the power of forgiveness and teach you how to forgive yourself and others.

Walking Without Skin

Walking exposed to the world! Walking with no defense!

What do we see when we look in the mirror?

Without skin we are vulnerable and this nakedness and openness leads us to explore and experience endless opportunities.



I motivate and guide people to take ownership of their own growth and development, and to identify and resolve their own problems making informed decisions. This makes a difference in their lives, and enables them to achieve their personal best and find personal fulfillment and happiness.



Join us in Bosnia-Herzegovina to Let Go, Rejoice & Fly Free with The Power and Magic of Forgiveness!

A life-changing transformative Bosnian Retreat on learning to forgive and discover unlimited possibilities.

Sign up for our blogs and to be the first to get the details of our upcoming retreat!

Sign up for our blogs and to be the first to get the details of our upcoming retreat!

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